Blood Drive In Memory of Firefighter Colin Reedy
By West Whiteland Fire
March 19, 2024

On October 20th, 2023, tragedy struck as Colin and Emily were on their way to the West Whiteland fire station in response to a fire call. What began as a drizzle transformed into a flash flood, causing their vehicle to hydroplane off the road, down an embankment, and colliding with a tree near the Sunoco Station on N. Pottstown Pike. Colin Reedy tragically lost his life upon impact, while Emily fought for hers, left in critical condition, requiring numerous surgeries. Emily's survival stands as a testament to the life-saving impact of generous blood donations. Now, as she continues her journey of recovery, Emily is determined to pay forward the kindness and support she received during her darkest moments. In memory of Colin Reedy, a beloved member of our community whose life was cut short, Emily seeks to honor his legacy by organizing a blood drive. Your contribution can make a profound difference, not only in honoring Colin's memory but also in supporting individuals like Emily, who rely on the selfless generosity of donors for a second chance at life.

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